Jonathan Pollack

Jeremy Gateman’s deep knowledge and very sound advice on diet and exercise and physical training have been vital to my weight loss and improved well-being. He’s provided me crucial support and guidance to advance personal goals and to achieve lasting results while remaining mindful of my individual needs. He’s been a friend as well as a coach, and both have been essential to my success. Jeremy has shown me the way to better health, and he can do the same for you.

Sonya Grigoruk

I thought my running and tennis days were over after a ski injury damaged my knees. Physical therapy helped, but even after a year of healing my body still felt out of whack. Jeremy was able to show me how the knee injury had impacted my body overall and addressed issues I didn’t realize I had, including lopsided posture. Jeremy has a unique sixth sense ability to find the injured areas, and is helping take my recovery to the next level.


I came to Jeremy with a labral tear in my hip. Being athletic for most of my life, this injury was debilitating physically and emotionally. I was not able to workout, I had a limited range of motion, and was in pain on a daily basis. Since working with Jeremy, I am not only stronger, and more flexible, but pain free. He knows exactly the right workouts to give me that are challenging and fun. He was able to not only encourage me, but kept me in check so I did not suffer any setbacks which would hinder my progress. Because of Jeremy’s efforts, I have been able to resume the activities I love to do, like ski. I’m so thankful for his positive upbeat attitude and his commitment to my success. He is truly excellent. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment to me is the perfect scenario for success.


Since I have been working out with Jeremy I feel so much stronger and healthier. He encourages me while I am exercising, helps me set healthy goals and work toward them. He is very attentive and is always giving positive feedback. I always look forward to working out with him!

Your complete solution to a healthy fit body.

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