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With your constant encouragement, to try, to do more than I feel like doing, I have built up some strength and my constant pain has subsided. You are very good at what you do. Your caring personality gets a lot out of me. I enjoy being in your presence. It’s a gift to be able to help people and I consider you very gifted. I so appreciate your working with me financially. After running out of my insurance allotment for physical therapy I was left holding the bag. I still needed help to continue “getting back my life”. Your willingness to make this affordable to me has had me continue to rehabilitate. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope that I am willing to use the tools you have given me to keep myself stretched out and moving. Getting older isn’t much fun but being able to stay flexible and pain free helps.


Thank you for giving me back my life. In 2 years you took me from barely being able to walk and unable to use my right arm when I started. To being able to run and ride a bike and play golf again.


Jeremy Gateman has helped my back tremendously through helping me strengthen my core by the pilates, utilizing weights and other exercises we do on a weekly basis. He has gotten me to focus on a weekly routine which has helped me strengthen my back and enabled me to carry my kids and be more active again. When I came to see Jeremy, I had not exercised in several years and my back was in bad shape. Since I have been going to Jeremy, my back is feeling much better.


I have been in the care of Jeremy Gateman for the last two years; I can honestly say there is no substitute. Jeremy not only provides personalized, consistent attention but he knows exactly where the pain is and how to make it subside. His care goes beyond that of the office visits. Gateman provides exercises patients can do at home and at the office as well as nutritional recommendations which promote complete body well-being. Jeremy’s care extends way beyond the 9-5 day and he is always available in the event of an emergency or re-occurring pains that often happen during the treatment as one is healing.. I’m nearing what will hopefully be the end of my p/t and I can honestly say I consider Jeremy a friend for life. I would not have made it through my accidents without him and as I progress, I am grateful for the lessons and tools he provides on a daily basis. His approach ensures preventative measures for future exercise endeavors. Whether it be massage or electrode treatments, Jeremy always makes me feel comfortable particularly when the pain is in embarrassing places. He is professional at all times and extremely kind. I just think he really likes what he does and I guess if I made patients feel better, I would too. You should be so lucky, as I have, to be able to work with Jeremy!

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