Reach + Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining your ideal weight requires a look at the full picture — calories consumed as well as your level of physical activity. We assess your current program and determine what is missing before we create a tailor made program. Creating bench marks and targets allow us to comfortably achieve your goals.

Build Strength + Increase Endurance

I take an integrated approach to building muscle and endurance, which includes nutrition. We’ll start slow, always looking to carefully take you to the next level. I’ll increase your endurance with specific levels of intensity, incorporating weight resisting exercises as well as cardio.

Do it Right – Proper Mechanics

I’ll teach you how to exercise safely, reducing the chance of injury thereby minimizing down-time. That way you can get the most out of your workout and achieve your fitness goals sooner.

The 4 C’s

The 4 C’s. Conditioning, Consumption, Customization and Confidence are the cornerstones of The Total Fit & Rehab philosophy and programs.

CONSUMPTION: A unique and individualized dietary program, tailor made for each client. A Food program, rather than a “diet”, our goal is to get you healthier and looking well. Consistency with your food intake is the answer to successful weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Each individual has his/her own rate of metabolism. When exercise is coupled with proper food consumption, metabolic activity will be improved. Improvement comes from a better quality fuel source used in the appropriate amounts at the appropriate time.

CONDITIONING: Exercise is essential for optimal quality of life.

An adaptive process, exercise training is personalized in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. As our clients improve their conditioning, the program is tweaked and modified. The benefits of training are numerous with a complete aerobic and anaerobic program at its core. Decreased blood pressure, improved cholesterol, maximization of oxygen consumption, increased bone density, improved endurance, improved performance, lower risk of musculoskeletal injury and an elevated metabolism will be achieved.

CUSTOMIZATION: There is no cookie cutter approach. Our team assesses each client to determine their specific needs and creates a results orient plan.

CONFIDENCE: One’s self-esteem is improved through continued long-term successes.

We all have stressors in our lives. Success, both personal and professional, can continually weigh on us. As a result, we are always hard at work, trying to get ahead. Taking the time to invest in one’s health is a necessity for longevity and achieving life’s goals. We aim to improve your physical and mental fitness so that you are able to live your life to its fullest.

Your complete solution to a healthy fit body.

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