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I thought my running and tennis days were over after a ski injury damaged my knees. Physical therapy helped, but even after a year of healing my body still felt out of whack. Jeremy was able to show me how the knee injury had impacted my body overall and addressed issues I didn’t realize I had, including lopsided posture. Jeremy has a unique sixth sense ability to find the injured areas, and is helping take my recovery to the next level. – Sonya Grigoruk
I came to Jeremy with a labral tear in my hip. Being athletic for most of my life, this injury was debilitating physically and emotionally. I was not able to workout, I had a limited range of motion, and was in pain on a daily basis. Since working with Jeremy, I am not only stronger, and more flexible, but pain free. He knows exactly the right workouts to give me that are challenging and fun. He was able to not only encourage me, but kept me in check so I did not suffer any setbacks which would hinder my progress. Because of Jeremy’s efforts, I have been able to resume the activities I love to do, like ski. I’m so thankful for his positive upbeat attitude and his commitment to my success. He is truly excellent. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment to me is the perfect scenario for success. – Michelle
Since I have been working out with Jeremy I feel so much stronger and healthier. He encourages me while I am exercising, helps me set healthy goals and work toward them. He is very attentive and is always giving positive feedback. I always look forward to working out with him! – Jody
I came to Jeremy with a labral tear in my hip that creates a pinch when I walk. He had already worked with two other folks that happen to have labral tears which was awesome. After a few weeks I can definitely say that every time I walk in and my hip is pinching, I leave and it is not. If you don’t believe this, ask Jeremy for my number and I will tell you myself. We’ve figured out where the tension is and he will do some deep massage and stretching in that area. I also just really like Jeremy as a person. We always end up laughing and he loves to talk while we work. Lastly, I’m a comedian AKA not rich, and he was definitely willing to work with my budget. – Kat
I was diagnosed with osteoporosis several years ago and I have set up a program at my gym working on cardio, balance, weight resistance and core strengthening. During this time, I have consulted with Jeremy Gateman for his expertise and guidance. Two months ago I fell at home and severely strained my back and broke my left wrist. After my wrist was set in a cast, in severe pain and discomfort I turned to Jeremy. His treatments alleviated my back issues and further reinforced what I felt all the way along about him. He is extremely knowledgeable, articulate, a great listener, has excellent follow up and, most importantly is caring and compassionate. I am on the road to recovery. No one can compare to Jeremy Gateman! – Jill Cowan
I was never very limber. I never was able to touch my toes without bending my knees. I served in the Army and started doing gym workouts with weights during that time. I would intermittently hurt my back or my shoulder. I would recover in a few weeks’ time and it was never very serious. Then last year I really hurt my back. I was barely able to get my shoes on. I had a herniated disc and it caused nerve pain. I figured it was my own fault due to my gym workouts. As a last resort, I went to see Jeremy to see if he could help me. I had been to physical therapy through my medical plan and was very disappointed. The results have been wonderful. I have learned that my inability to touch my toes is directly related to the pain in my back. Mobility is now a top priority. I’ve resumed my workouts and the random hurts don’t happen. The treatments by Jeremy, along with his educating me on how mobility connects all the structures of the body and it’s movements, has allowed my workouts to improve and be free from pain and the fear of getting hurt. If you are having issues with pain, please see Jeremy and give yourself the opportunity to work through it. Especially if you have seen a doctor and he recommends surgery. You owe it to yourself. – Dave Modisett
I was in great pain. It felt like all of the muscles in my right leg were tied-up in knots. Then I met Jeremy with the “Magic Hands.” It was only 5 sessions later, when the pain was gone and I was walking normally. Thank you Jeremy. – Dr. Irene Kassorla Best-selling Author, Lecturer, Psychologist
With your constant encouragement, to try, to do more than I feel like doing, I have built up some strength and my constant pain has subsided. You are very good at what you do. Your caring personality gets a lot out of me. I enjoy being in your presence. It’s a gift to be able to help people and I consider you very gifted. I so appreciate your working with me financially. After running out of my insurance allotment for physical therapy I was left holding the bag. I still needed help to continue “getting back my life”. Your willingness to make this affordable to me has had me continue to rehabilitate. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope that I am willing to use the tools you have given me to keep myself stretched out and moving. Getting older isn’t much fun but being able to stay flexible and pain free helps. – Susan
Thank you for giving me back my life. In 2 years you took me from barely being able to walk and unable to use my right arm when I started. To being able to run and ride a bike and play golf again. – Elliot
Jeremy Gateman has helped my back tremendously through helping me strengthen my core by the pilates, utilizing weights and other exercises we do on a weekly basis. He has gotten me to focus on a weekly routine which has helped me strengthen my back and enabled me to carry my kids and be more active again. When I came to see Jeremy, I had not exercised in several years and my back was in bad shape. Since I have been going to Jeremy, my back is feeling much better. – Kelly
I have been in the care of Jeremy Gateman for the last two years; I can honestly say there is no substitute. Jeremy not only provides personalized, consistent attention but he knows exactly where the pain is and how to make it subside. His care goes beyond that of the office visits. Gateman provides exercises patients can do at home and at the office as well as nutritional recommendations which promote complete body well-being. Jeremy’s care extends way beyond the 9-5 day and he is always available in the event of an emergency or re-occurring pains that often happen during the treatment as one is healing.. I’m nearing what will hopefully be the end of my p/t and I can honestly say I consider Jeremy a friend for life. I would not have made it through my accidents without him and as I progress, I am grateful for the lessons and tools he provides on a daily basis. His approach ensures preventative measures for future exercise endeavors. Whether it be massage or electrode treatments, Jeremy always makes me feel comfortable particularly when the pain is in embarrassing places. He is professional at all times and extremely kind. I just think he really likes what he does and I guess if I made patients feel better, I would too. You should be so lucky, as I have, to be able to work with Jeremy! – Tanya
Jeremy Gateman has made a substantial difference in my quality of life. After working with Jeremy for almost three months, my back pain has been virtually abolished and I no longer wake up with pains in my hips and back. With intensive exercise and weight training, my posture has improved and my back is getting stronger. I can now walk for long distances without reoccurring pain and I can now go back to lifting things I couldn’t lift before. For the past few years, my scoliosis had become so painful that I could no longer exercise which led to my inability to walk for any substantial distance or to lift anything remotely heavy including my purse. One back doctor recommended major spinal surgery and another back doctor recommended I work with Jeremy. I have worked with others. They were not able to relieve my pain and did not even seem sufficiently knowledgeable to ascertain the source of the pain. I still have occasional pain in my hips and lower back, but through Jeremy’s extensive knowledge, training and experience, he is able to relieve the pain immediately. I highly recommend Jeremy Gateman and Total Fit & Rehab. – Julie Steinberg Financial Advisor
I haven’t gone to the gym since my Total Fitness membership expired 10 years ago. Sure, there was the occasional brisk walk on the beach and jogging around my neighborhood. But they weren’t enough to suppress the 35 extra pounds I gained. I figured it was time for me to change my lifestyle by focusing on a weekly exercise routine and by being mindful of my daily eating habits. It has now been a month since I started and I have lost 6 pounds. The gym itself is small but it has all the cardio and weight training equipment you’ll need for a solid workout. The rate for a personal trainer is competitive (especially in this economy), and the staff members have all been very courteous. Jeremy Gateman, my trainer, has been doing an excellent job of taking interest in my eating habits and helping me reach my goal of slimming down, keeping off the excess weight, and encouraging me to stay active. One of the benefits of having a personal trainer is that you don’t have to wait in line for a workout, and you always have a professional to guide you through and maximize the workout. And when you lose your first 6 pounds, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when your relatives tell you that they notice “something different” about you the way you look… – Rodney Taylor Independent Agent
Jeremy helped me with several injuries. I was unable to work out for a year due to a serious neck injury. Jeremy helped me build the strength back in my neck and I was able to complete a 5k race, I was able to jog with my dog again, I was able to lift heavy objects. All the little things that we do every day we take for granted. Thanks to Jeremy I also have a firm understanding of my limits and what exercises I should avoid and the proper posture, proper alignment and proper form to complete all the movements and exercises I have been doing incorrectly for years. I am so grateful my orthopedic surgeon recommended him. – Victoria Ruud Director of Revenue Management

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